The Vision for the Hippodrome in 2020

The target for 2020 is to set the theatre up as a basic performance venue by applying for Heritage Lottery Funding. If our HLF bid is successful, the basic restoration will include restabilising the building, constructing a basic stage and re-establishing a basic auditorium. Wherever possible phase 1 regeneration will ensure that future enhancements can easily be added later. One consideration maybe to allow for the possibility of adding a rooftop restaurant at a later date which would allow one of the building’s key situational assets (its fine view over the Cathedral Quarter) to be monetised.


The primary objectives of phase 1 restoration are to:

  • Halt further decay to structure

  • Secure the building

  • Clear the site of hazards and rebuild the theatre so that it protects it from the elements

  • Allow the building to be useable as a public space once again


A community driven performing arts venue

From the outset a restored Derby Hippodrome theatre would be dedicated to benefiting the citizens of Derby. It would introduce a community focal point and a multi-purpose, flexible performance space. We envisage this space being put to use immediately by local, amateur performing arts groups, as a musical educational venue for schools and as an interesting and alternative private hire venue.

Vision 2020 Jigsaw.PNG